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Early Access v0.435


  • Added Mac OSX build. Download it now!


  • NEW weapons – Unicorn head gun
  • NEW skills – Soul Arrow, Stone Statue, Fire Shield
  • NEW playable characters – Puck & Slim


  • NEW Online Leaderboard. See your current rank and see when you are about to overtake another player on the score board.
  • NEW Beta implementation for seasonal goals/rewards
  • NEW effects animations
  • NEW UI sprites
  • General UI improvements
  • Added 2 kinds of experience gems +1 & +5
  • Players can now shoot even if they have 1 mana remaining
  • Each character's skill is tied to that character type/name
  • All items are now represented as cute pet followers
  • Game Over now has a timer for menu selection
  • Dual wielded weapons now always point 180 degrees away from one another
  • Characters now have bios in the lobby menu
  • Options menu has tool tips for some graphics options
  • Friendly bot AI code has been greatly improved and may be implemented in normal gameplay next update.

Bug fixes:

  • Greatly improved performance. Framerates are stable now.
  • PS4 gamepad input bug fixed
  • Gamepads of different input types should now have their respective button layouts used in menus
  • Several memory leaks fixed
  • Lots of gameplay bugs fixed