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I love this game, it has such a cool premise and all of the dialogue options with the creature (which I have now so lovingly dubbed Echo) are really interesting and I feel like everyone can relate to at least one of the things he says in some way. Feeling like you have no place, trying to get something that seems just out of reach, not wanting to be judged but wanting to be seen, keeping so many things you don't need simply because you can (Less seriously, I think every gamer can relate to that last one, am I right?)

But seriously, I love how you never actually see the creature, after all a classic phrase in horror is that whatever you see in your head will always be 1000x more scary than what is actually there. That fear of the unknown really adds a lot.

This is an amazing experience that manages to be eerie with a weird sense of familiarity to it. Felt almost as if I was the one that didn't belong there, that was intruding. And the voice actor was great, really added a certain atmosphere to it. I'd definitely recommend you guys to quit reading the comments and actually play the game if you haven't already, dammit!