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ok, download it, then go to your downloads and double click on the .zip file you just downloaded. Then, press extract. After that, double click on the Off The Balls folder (should be the only folder there), then double click on the off the balls (just above the UnityCrashHandler64).  Then, follow the steps and it should open it and a new folder. Minimize the game, double click on the folder, then drag and drop Off The Balls  first into your taskbar and then onto your desktop. From then, you can play the game. If you close the game afterward, you can either click on the Off The Balls icon on your taskbar or double click it on your desktop. You’re welcome.

Also, your high score is trash lol.

I'm confused

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I thought you might. Just dm me on discord @h̸̉̋ì̶̽ ̵́̀d̶͗̚u̸͑̐d̵͒̆e̶̕͝#4695