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Wow, it is great! The simple narrative about an abandoned game with nobody playing is good enough, and the game looks and plays greatly for a unity game. The plot is self-explanatory, loved the game. It also has a hidden ARG behind it which you need to solve to complete the game, i solved the Konami Code and done half of the job myself, great work John!

I actually found something interesting myself which i don't think has been mentioned or found by others, if you will open the 100percent_save_file.sav in paint, it will open up as a .jpg as a painting this image.

A great painting for sure.

I also noticed a bug, or a glitch with the game, where if you go backwards and don't look at the flag direction, John's wife won't touch you and the game will lag, you won't even be able to see it.

Great game, 10/10 but a bit too short.