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final update:

  • cursor no longer strobes
  • pressing space places tiles of the same colour of the cursor, then changes the cursor to another random colour
  • cursor can no longer be placed over an existing tile (....usually. still working on this)
  • figured out image index stuff and placed beginning tiles. i'm about 25% of the way through writing a match checking script

with fifteen minutes left, wasp nest is not even close to playable. there just wasn't enough time to make that happen, and honestly? i'm alright with that. i've learned so much about gamemaker over the past week, and what it actually takes to make a game, effort and time-wise. it would be nice if the results were a little prettier, but i'm glad i didn't spend much time on art because i'm already familiar with that. in any case it was a good experience and i feel much more capable of actually creating and finishing a game now!

thank you to cloudhime and lysander for hosting this event!