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Now that I have played around enough

- BUGS / Features: -

- Using the drift on a boost pad allow you to displace your movement direction
(to see yourself go onto a boost pad while holding drift and left or right)

- The springs are are actually the only real bug I could find

1st - tapping on the first couple frames of being launched by a (grounded) spring will cancel you Y velocity

2nd - tapping on the first couple frames/landing frame when being launched at a wall will cancel your run(you will just stand on the wall for a moment and then fall down)

(To see for yourself
for the 1st: on the first grounded spring just mash left or right it should happen
4-6 out 10 

for the 2nd: on any spring that launches you at a wall press left or right on the first frames of launch or landing (you will simply stand in place on the wall and then fall).

EDIT: 3rd the second to last springs (a pair of two springs with a row of spikes in bettwen) is weird, sometimes it will stop you and othertimes it will work just fine.


I discovered this game 4 days ago and have been addicted to it ever since I’ve managed to get 59:408 but holy shit was I blown away by your time before I got this score I was questioning if sub 1:00 was even possible and you absolutely crushed it. Any tips?

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Here you go, I even got a new best time: