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How do you exit the game use I have to press ALT + F4 to exit but then the game download gets removed from my computor and I have to re-install the game and unzip it all agein. Please reply with help on how to close the game.

Love the game btw. 

(EDIT) I tryed re- installing the game and now I when I install it I cant even play because the game play thing dosent show in the folder.

If you are on windows or macbook then drag your mouse to the top of your screen and an x or a red button will show up on the left or right

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if you are on windows click the widowed button in the Off The Balls 

configuration then resize the Screen to  640 X 180. Then an X should appear at the top left or right!

(EDIT) You can resize the screen bigger than 640 X 180 Tho