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It was short 'n' sweet and to the point, I enjoyed it! Obviously it was really hand-holdy, but you know that, and I don't think that's necessarily bad when you have a specific story you want to tell. I didn't understand what the 'coincidence' was meant to be, but I didn't hold it against it much, it was enjoyable :) Keep making stuff!!

Lumps Plays is 100% visual and utilizes pop-up commentary to provide consistent viewing whether you're hearing, deaf, at work, in a loud place, or simply just don't wanna listen to youtubers ramble and chant "uhm."

Nice video! You have found the hidden note and the explosives by accident when you were trying to kill yourself (The wooden plank on the roof broke - item were hidden there) That`s why it is called "Coincidence"

Oooh, that makes a lot more sense! For some reason I just assumed the note/explosives cames through the window like the food haha, sorry I derp out sometimes :D