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excuse me, is the game still in development? i would love to see where this game is going!


Hi! We're glod you like the game.
Yes it is still in development; these things always take longer than expected.. (much longer). Sorry about that. But  it is almost finished now, and we will announce the release date in the upcoming weeks! :)


Any updates?! We've blown through the birdcage games and now (in our state of quarantine) need more from you... Politely beta test and deliver every step of the way???? Sincerely, a non gamer that was forced to find relief playing brain games and happened upon you FU@#ING GENIUSES... So, any updates? Thanks from a nation of blissful? Ignorance.

Hey there! I'm glad you like it. :) Yes, Machinika is coming along really well, in fact it's almost finished. :) And we'll be announcing our release date here *very* soon.. Stay tuned! ;)