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I dont fully understand what you want, but if you are asking for a way to beat the Pentagon I can help

1. When he is doing the red phase, you can press the auto bounce button for instant immunity. He should stop when the effect wears off(unless if it is a low level auto bounce)

2. During pink phase you can do circles around him to not only dodge the missiles but also use the missiles against him

3. When he is doing nothing just spam your body at him to maximize damage

As for the blue portal, it's just a place where all the shapes are squares. There is nothing to do there

I am sorry that I am 2 months too late but I hope this helps :)

Edit: tip 1, 2, and 3 go for any shape bosses btw


I do not know what to do in the blue portal. There are square there. That's basically it

How to get the love shape