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Another Edit: 00:54:673

(Dear Taldius, Should you not want me to have this video up just send me reply and I will do so as soon as possible)


I got 1:06

EDIT: 1:03.943

EDITEDIT: 00:59:073
I finally got Sub 1 min thanks to a new strat I discovered that potentially save up to min. 5 seconds (if executed perfectly) compared to my other strat.
(the strat is drifting in the middle column of the 3x3 booster pads while holding right, it will cause you to slide of the left side of the track and you will fall near the spring leading to the final section the final section,
it is somewhat consistent once you get the hang of how drifting interacts with the boost pads)

EDITEDITEDIT: New Best :00:57:518
got reached that min 5 seconds time safe


EDITEDITEDITEDITEDIT: near perfect run 00:55:904

EDITEDITEDITEDITEDITEDIT: Some more optimisation 00:54:673
new strategys involve:
- using the homing attack to get a faster initial speed.
- holding shift on upon touching the boostpad until leaving the ramp seems to reduce speed less than running normaly.
- cutting the corners in the last section also reduces time.

P.S pls don't make the checkpoints mandatory to traverse trough
having the complete freedom to reach the goal however wanted is so cool


Holy crap dude good job

My main tip is to keep airtime as low as possible and make as little use of the homing attack as possible, in the section where I use the boost pads to basicly skip a section it is quite hard to get consistent result(you can make it to the springs in one leap in the optimum case) i actually just lucked out on being able to quickly land on the platform and reach the springs, so it is just trial and error for that.

But in the end you just have to pray that the springs in the last section don‘t mess you up by canceling all of your momentum.(i mean the set of two with the row of spikes in between before the video cut).

I wish you good luck with trying to beat my time and fun with the game.

Sorry but...