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Hey! Thanks, glad you like the art!

Apologies for the late reply but I wanted to let you know that the sprites can be used in top down projects.

here are some examples of the same/similar art style in top down games 

as for animation, it is high on my to do list so if you liked the art and think that it would suit your game, it is entirely possible to use these sprites in a top down game  

Wishing you an happy new year and good luck with your game!

Cheers :D 

I'll be waiting the animated sprites bro, love this style of pixel art!


Hey man

Just wanted to let you know that the animated characters are now available for download 

hope you like the animations and thanks again! 

Once again, superb job bro, i'll try to implement your arts, i love this style of tiny pixel art, by the way, do you have a contact ? LinkedIN or something else


If you want to contact me directly you can send me a direct message via Discord :)

My Discord: Superdark#5834