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I have reached 250 points, why cannot I play the SQ3 Easter egg at the end of the game? What am I supposed to do?

Getting full points isn't the trigger for the SQ3 Easter Egg.  You have to discover how to do that by exploring the game. Though if you do something right, you'll hear something that lets you know you're on the right path.

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Thank you. I have also found that the Secret bar Easter Egg does not work anymore. Whenever I try to smell the stairs at the edge of the chasm in Labion, nothing happens. They only show up when I fall of the chasm. Is this a bug or you removed the Easter Egg on purpose?

Yep, accessing the secret bar is a little different now.

I am close to desperation - I can't find the access to the secret bar. Can you give a hint, where I can serch specifically?