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Hey! If you're new and want to play this game, here are some tips to remember:

1) You have to eat, piss, sleep and party, with a limited time to do so before it goes out. Find an area that has places for all of these things  nearby and memorize how to get around. Me personally, I stay in C1!

2) Keep food ( big sandwich, $58) in your pockets!!! It goes a long way and is filing

3) keep a schedule!!! for ex; party 2 times, sleep and pee, buy food (enough to eat and then some to keep for later), work, sleep, repeat

4) If your heart has gone down or you're tired, go to the hospital. Rejuvenates your heart and sleep. You can also take pills for happiness. Also, if any of those 4 gauges go down theennn so does your life lol

G O O D   L U C K

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everybody knoW that tips but that you said, said to us that you a pro.

Me l'm pro too.

And you know that l'm a fan (see my profile image)

and l started this game since 2018 and now is 2020 and l wanna reach my highscore (34.000$)!!!

Oh, and question:

do you wanna Lapamauve make update???

Me yes cuz l'm bored with v0.2.3.