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I've 100%'d the full version multiple times and greatly enjoyed my time with the game. The aesthetic is great, the music is great, the spritework is great, and it's got some replay value in attempting to do deathless runs with each character. I've showed the game to some friends via Discord streaming and for the full 2-3 hours it was very entertaining.

My favorite character classes were the Attendant for their aesthetics and the Security Guard for the sheer power of his abilities. Once a Security Guard hits mid-game he's practically unstoppable so long as you top off on bullets.

Ironically, basic enemy encounters were actually the most dangerous battles since I preferred to conserve my items for boss fights. I've had far too many close calls with random encounters, only to proceed to obliterate the bosses through liberal use of Disposable Cameras, Sodas, Markers and any given particular class' strongest ability.

A key part of my deathless run strategies involve collecting all the phone numbers possible at a certain point (I make it  a policy to not call numbers I shouldn't have access to yet) and putting them all in to get around $400, then raiding the Arcade bathroom for another $75 and the Whoopee Cushion, then stocking up on items before charging into the first Wrong Turn with confidence. My first run I didn't do this, but it's particularly cathartic to enter a Wrong Turn armed to the teeth after it gave you such a hard time on the first run through.

Despite my many runs through the game, I'm still not entirely sure what Fun and Professionalism actually do, although getting lucky enough to roll a 3+ Competence character is always nice.

If there are further updates or a sequel, I would love to see:

Hard Mode (locked behind getting one ending?): 

Disposable Cameras have a chance to fail to stun.

Phone numbers to acquire cash either stop working or give half as much cash.

Infinite-use attack items get cooldowns/can only be used by one party member per turn.

Other things that make it harder, but remain somewhat fair.

Create-an-Employee (locked behind optional boss?):

Call a shady recruitment business to find the perfect employee for you. Allows players to choose class, allocate stats and use money to either buy or remove Liabilities and Fear Level. Could also include palette swaps/alternate sprites to choose from for that personal touch. Could also just spend $100 to roll 4 random employees to choose from, perhaps?

One last thing to mention: thanks for not using jump scares. The tension and creepy atmosphere of the establishment is enough, and while there are surprises, none of them are of the screeching animatronic variety. The enemy designs are disturbing and grotesque, while some leave enough to the imagination so the player can fill in the blanks. Jumpscares would have cheapened that.

Thanks for all your hard work, it was certainly well worth the $5!