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  • Parks - Added 2 placeholder parks to create a more open space in certain parts of a level.


  1. Buildings - Replaced placeholder buildings with a couple of new ones (these will be updated / more will follow).
  2. Dashing - Drasticly reduced cooldown. Dashing is now always horizontal.
  3. Missile Launcher - Reduced cooldown on both firing and reloading.
  4. Enemy projectiles - Replaced one placeholder with another.
  5. Recovery time - Increased the time the player is invulnerable after getting hit to reduce the chance of getting obliterated in a single bulletstorm. I'd still try to avoid them though.
  6. Pistol - Replaced placeholder projectile with an actual bullet.
  7. Pickups - Increased pickup radius.
  8. File size - Reduced build file size by roughly 30%.

Bugs Fixed

  • Climbing UFO's - It is no longer possible to exit the map by climbing UFO's.
  • Jumping while dashing - Previously you could try (and fail) to jump while dashing. This is no longer the case.