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I really liked the demo. Actually, it is a wonderful jogging simulator as it is, especially the mountain level. I can see myself using it everyday to get some exercise. Regarding the CAOTS system, running is perfect. As for walking, the first few minutes i tried, i had to exagerate my movements and i felt like walking like a thug from GTA, but after a while i managed to be able to walk quite normally. I think it helped me to set the "speed off head movement only" a little faster than default. i felt it was more natural this way and easier to walk moving slowly. I also found the gun (but didn't manage to get the robot angry ;-) ) and shooting while walking/running felt very good. Overall i am sure i'll play this locomotion demo more than most VR games i have.

Hi ch4r13 G0rd0n,

Glad to hear you liked it! I've had a lot of comments about the walking speed not been quite sensitive enough, but the users that have managed to spend a bit more time with it have ended up liking it, like yourself. But nonetheless, I've taken on board the feedback and have spent the last couple weeks tweaking a lot of details and have also added a calibration system - which means the system will fit your movement style as best it can without forcing the user to tweak until they get it right (although you can, and there are now more options to do so!).

I'm literally in the process of uploading that update, so hope you give the updated version a shot!

thanks! I'll surely try the updated version.