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Huge fan of the CAOTS system you have here. You mentioned interest in bringing this to Unity and I'd be very interested in using it in my own projects if that was the case. As others have said the climbing could use some refinement but I think that will come with time. The physical movement of CAOTS is the best I've used in VR and I really want this in my own game(s).

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Hi runewake2

Thanks for the kind words! It's in my plans to bring this to Unity, but it's not something that will be happening quickly - not least because I actually have to go through the process of learning Unity as well. If I can find a pathway to accelerate development, then that'll be the way I'll go so I can get it out to everyone faster - there's a lot of demand for a full featured physically oriented locomotion system like what I'm showing off, so I'm working hard to fulfill that demand.

Hey HugeRobot, if you're looking for some help with Unity I'd love to help. I imagine you might be able to base your work in Unity off of what VRTK has already done. They have a climbing system, full interaction as well as locomotion but it's not as smooth as yours. Their work is open source on GitHub if you want to check it out.

Either way, I've never written a locomotion system myself, but would love to contribute or at least help with Unity if you need it.

Hey Runewake2,

Your offer is appreciated. Send me a message via my website to get in touch, and we can talk in more detail. Cheers.