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kinda lame in its current state, but has promise. The lack of healing makes the boss fight kinda tedious, since you have to run all the way back to him after you take two hits. The caves seem really lame because there's nothing to find, and there's very little variety to the environment. As a souls veteran, I say the combat seems solid so far. The controls are very similar to the souls games, and the enemies telegraph their attacks enough for you to avoid getting hit if you're not greedy. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for the feedback! Actually we plan to not having any healing items (since player had ressurect mechanic "Ascension") but we will tweak the game design with input from players also :D

The cave was boring since the levels unfinished (we try to update as fast as possible, but hold due during events) we will give new update so the cave have more interaction in the next update.

And we really glad you find the combat satisfying. We will provide more better update later. Thank you for the feedback once more!