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I've followed the game since the first demo came out and been excited to try out the full version since then. By now I've finished the game and made sure it was 100%. 

I must say I had a blast, the flight mechanics certainly takes some time getting used to given how realistic as possible it's been made, but you can pull off complex maneuvers to get through certain places with enough training. Once you nail it down, you won't hesitate to do tricks on your own.

The levels aren't too difficult to navigate or complete, some are easy and others are challenging. They're pretty linear so you know where to go and what to do and I love the soundtrack, they're all catchy and diverse so you won't hear the same or similar soundtrack between each area. 

The combat is very reactive and a bit difficult but I enjoyed it nevertheless, just the animation of attacks are cool to look at. All the enemies and bosses require learning their attack patterns and when to strike.

Wish there were more endings, it is what it is. Looking forward for more updates if there'll be any. The game was very enjoyable and worth the money spent!

I'm also hoping there's going to be an extra area where you can spawn/fight regular enemies to hone your skill! The boss room is a nice touch but I'd like that too, considering all the enemies you defeat will be gone from the game world permanently unless you restart or revert your save.

It's hard to imagine what it's like for one man to pursue his dreams and make a game from scratch. The art style, the characters, the soundtrack. It's a lot of work and many in his place would had given up on their project, especially fan games. Oddwarg is one person with years of experience as a game developer and he delivers it with help of backers and supporters.