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On another note, you'll want to watch your file structure. They are out of wack. While it will help you when organizing/editing, as well as help users, it also screws with the game. If a Portrait and Body are not in the exact same folders, it wont read them as their connected. Ill use Arachna as an example here.

In Bodies you have:

Adult - Empty
Adult+Teem - Empty
Blond - Empty
... etc.

Inside Female you have more "Adult Adult+Teen.." Etc in it. The images are in there. 11 empty files if your counting.

However in Portraits you have:
blond - Empty
.... Etc
NO Female folder.

The images in Portrait are in the first set of ages instead of inside the female folder. The game wont read the Portrait and Body together. I can assume this was a mistake due to the amount of empty folders. You didn't move the images a folder deep enough.

I'm unsure if others have the same issue, but I do know a ton of them, if not all have a ton of empty files.

I really do appreciate the effort. Ive tried doing this shit several times on my own, and give up a few races in. What you're doing is a saints work. Since everyone who made a pack had their own way of making their folder setup, its difficult to merge them together. Unless you want a bloated file size (which does appear to slow the game down) Its only been viable to use one pack at a time. I do hope you don't get disheartened, and if I can help lemme know.

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Thanks for the advice, this is my first time ever doing something like this. Like up till 3 days ago I didnt even know what Strive was. So any and all advice is truly amazing. Ive been going through the files again and Im trying to make sure that they all work and match. The program im using is taking all files i edit, and throwing them into a Female folder, then is making new folders based off of the characters set age. Thats also why if I go through and edit a character and it was originally a Adult and I change it to an teen or even Adult/Teen it just creates a new folder (if one doesnt exist) and then moves the image to the new folder. It wont delete the original folder if the image was the last one in there, thats why you are seeing empty folders. Also Ive been playing with how the pack was uploaded here and I havent run into any problems with missing character full bodies. Im currently going through once more to change all halfkins to beastkins based off of what you said.

Heres what im seeing when i edit a character


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Right, I also use the portrait editor. It works wonders. When you use the editor it will make the sructure Race-Female-Age. Which is a good folder structure and Ive never seen it fuck up. What ive personally done in the past is basically this:
Look through folders for duplicates

If no duplicate move it to seperate folders marked P or B

once done name all something like "1" or "A"

Delete the old race folder. Then edit the images, move them back to the Bodies/Portraits folder. This helps since theres no foolproof image duplicate software thats any good, unless you want to pay. However, it becomes increasingly tediious with larger sections like Human or Elf.

As for the issue of the full bodies, as long as they are in identical folder paths, there wont be an issue. However one mistake and it doesnt work. Heres an example of what basically happened to Arachna in my last reply.