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@voidroom ... Really brilliant game,  I'm very interested in this idea of creating virtual spaces for people that fit into their existing play spaces and I haven't seen anything else like Tea out there.
I know you're developing for more than the quest, but have you thought about extending the procedural play space to use all available space. In the quest you can map in multiple rooms and hallways until you reach the 25x25' limit. This makes for some really interesting experiences having people walk around larger space in VR.

For Tea For God, it could probably make the experience much more immersive since I suspect the square of play space most people have is pretty limited and even if it is reasonably big, say 3x3m, it still results in the user having to walking pretty tight turns a lot Tea. If you were able to add the player's hallways and 1-2 rooms, I imagine it would enable a much more immersive experience where people would actually be lost in VR and not know where they were in their real space because you could make the explorable area a lot bigger and add longer hallways, etc.

Keep up the good work, this project is awesome!


Thanks :)

This is somewhere on my list, although two things are important to mention here:

1. I'd prefer to wait for official support for multiple rooms, to be treated as a single playarea. Although I haven't tried just walking around my house when drawing the guardian. So it might be actually already working. I'll try that.

2. There are lots of other things that are required to make Tea For God a game and I want to focus on that. I have a wish list, things I'd love to add, I really want to add, but that may wait for post release. One of them is the support for multiple rooms. Second is multiplayer.

But in general, I admit you're right. Having support for multiple rooms would add a lot to the game. For sure I will be experimenting with that.