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Nice addon. But how do you start it.
At first I unzipped it in that addon folder of Blender 2.8RC3. No entry for Level Buddy showed up in the user preferenaces addons panel. So I deleted both files and then choose install from file. That worked with getting to the point where I can enable it in user preferences but now when I press the T key no interface for the addon shows up.
So I thought maybe it will only work with the OFFI ICAL version of Blender 2.8 So I deleted 2.8RC3 and downloaded and installed 2.81. I did an install from file again and enabled the addon in user prefs. And still no interface or controls.

I watched both videos and the author just already has the interface up and ready to go. I have enabled it in preferences, but cannot see where to get to it’s controls.
After doing more googling, I discovered that version 1.3 of this addonn was backwardly compatible with blender version 2.79. So I installed it in my 2.79 addons folder. So now I can at least see the interface. But I still do not know what does what. I will have to go thru Matt Lucas’ second video minute by minute and see if I can figure it out.


So does that mean this addon works with Blender 2.80+?