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Hi there,

I enjoyed playing your game, nice relaxing and peaceful atmosphere, well done !

Some stuffs I noticed that you may want to improve :

- The game suffered from lags like every 5 seconds while walking, I think you might debug the FPS / performance of your game and try it with bigger/smaller resolutions, from experience it can come from this... (in my case I'm on a 1920x1080 screen resolution)

- The camera movement is a bit frustrating, as the game is supposed to be an exploration game I expected to be able to move the camera freely in all directions to watch the landscape and find the plants to collect. In my opinion a first improvement can be to make the camera rotation a little higher (or even better being able to control the camera up and down with the mouse for example)

- In a further version you can add small details like sound effects / particles when the character grab plants or reach a goal. I also "unlocked" an animal and expected to see it moving and was a bit disappointed to see that it only add an heart on the top of the animal. Without it the game feels a bit lifeless (apart from the great music !)

I may ask a lot of things but that's already a wonderful game for such a short time of development, keep up the good work !


Hello Thomashim! 

Thanks a lot for this really usefull feedback.

I think I know what is causing the lag every 5 seconds, I'll try something to fix it.

We'll ship an update in the next few days, we'll try to fix as much as we can =)

Thank you again !