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Day 11 & 12 Log:

Some screenshots of what to expect from the game

crew leader system...with only UI assets left! :) Also, our logo in the background!

combat with the finally completed raider ship! Facilities WILL malfunction if the ship takes too much beating.

Whats left:

  • 1 or 2 mechanics left!
  • game rebalances
  • 1 or 2 proper levels of differing difficulties
  • game instructions (so players will not get overwhelmed with what to do!)
  • The rare bug fix!
With the deadline coming up. Most of the essential art assets are finished. So I'm helping the technical team to optimize their coding and do bug fixing.

Final Notes: It is really unfortunate I could not have found time to design a better race oriented system, planning on getting the technical team to try something simple, and hope we will have a proper game submission at the very end!