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  • Supply drops - Supply drops can now be found across the levels. They may contain a health refill or a new weapon. They are identifiable by a cloud of red smoke.
  • New weapons - First versions of the following weapons are now obtainable in-game. Once picked up, there is no going back yet. This feature will be added in a future update.
    • Pistol (New default)
    • Triple-barreled shotgun
    • Laser rifle
    • Laser MG (Previous default)
    • Missile launcher
  • Placeholder achievement - An achievement icon will pop-up when the boss has been defeated. This is icon acts as a placeholder for the achievement system, which will be added in a future update. It currently does nothing other than look pretty.
  • Placeholder Hands - You can now see hands on the weapons you're holding. This should communicate the general feel of a weapon better.


  • General alien behavior - Aliens will no longer move straight toward you. They also move slightly slower to compensate for their 'more interesting' movement.
  • Boss behavior - Replaced the first boss' 'wall of death' attack with the calling of reinforcements. Also tweaked his 'normal' bullet pattern.
  • Shaders - Removed cell shading because I was unable to create the atmosphere I'm going after with it.
  • Control scheme - Moved the control scheme from in-game UI to main menu
  • UE4 Template dude - This dude is no longer visible when you die. A void remains.
  • Screen damage - Disabled health-based blood splatter, because it interfered too much with the new visual style.
  • Pickups - Pickups are now easily identifiable by their surrounding spheres.
  • Reloading - Reloading now uses sound effects.
  • Dash-blur - Dashing now includes a motion-blur effect.
  • Level generation - Made some tweaks to the generation process to reduce the odds of getting lost.

Bugs Fixed

  • Rooftop dancing - Aliens should no longer be able to spawn on top of anything other than the streets.