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First thing the game instructs you to do: Match the photograph to the room!

First thing that happens: Photograph shows box on bed that is nowhere in room, so impossible to match to photograph. What you really do, is take the photo anyways, and the missing item magically appears in the room!

Other than that little miscommunication making thins unecessarily confusing at first, I thought this was a cute little game. Normally, I'd do a Lumps Play for it, but maybe not this time. Cheers man!

Other bugs: Items didn't maintain their rotation orientation after you drop them/pick them back up. This is annoying when you're trying to pinpoint the position of an item in a photo, and you have to continuously turn it alllll the way around when you just wanna turn it a smidgen.

"Dropping" items only drops them directly in front of you. I had picked up the book on the bed and had a lot of trouble getting it to line back up in the photo properly, because I kept dropping it on the edge of the bed because that's all the farther it would allow me to place it.