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Hi Koros,

What a beautiful demo ! 

The demo runs without a problem on my computer (60fps) but I can't open the project files in Godot (I tried 3.1 and 3.1.1). Each time, my cpu goes up to about 95%, but the loading remains stuck at 1%.

Do you perhaps have any tips ? I would love to look at how you created the demo !

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Sorry this won't load! 

The test system we used was: AMD 6350, 8gb ram, old WD 1 TB HD and an HD7700 gpu.

The only thing I could offer would be to  drop the scripts / assets in a new project, a piece at a time.  

The camera scripts really aren't the best; just basic movement but show how to scroll in and out. 

All of the assets though are free to use in your commercial project!

Sorry about the late response, just don't check a lot at the moment. 

Good Luck!


Thanks for the help !


Thats almost certainly just it reimporting the assets. Godot utterly brutalizes the cpu when its doing this. It only has to do it once, but it will take a long (very long sometimes on big projects) time and the only thing you can really do is to just go do something else for an hour or so,