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This is by the far the most engrossing experience I had on the Quest so far, the interaction with the environment works really well and I just love the robot arms/hands. I don’t even have to mention the non-euclidean use of the available room I guess ;) I haven’t touched the actual game behind it all that much and played it more like a surreal walking simulator (with occasional shootings), as the evocative atmosphere of the world and the explorative aspect is what pulls me back into the game again and again. It was actually fun just to sit down at one of the balconies enjoy the view ;) I see a lot of potential there, maybe more subtle randomization of rooms, shapes, colours and lights, more ambient sounds, more random stuff to watch and discover? I’m thinking a bit about games like Proteus here.

That being said, I think this really needs a good tutorial or, even better, some kind of in-game help or tooltip system. I still can’t wrap my mind around the energy system and what influences what, what actions are actually possible in the world, plus all the available modules are somewhat overwhelming and too abstract right now. Well, I guess this is all stuff that will be addressed later, but right now the learning curve is pretty steep if you want to do more than just walk around in tourist mode.

Anyway, still one of the most interesting VR experiments so far!

I love Proteus and although the game is focused mostly on being a roguelike, I'd like to add enough content to make it an enjoyable experience without any enemies. Most likely the story will be a bit shorter or different but it should be a similar experience. And there will be also en endless mode which would be just "walk wherever you want for as long as you want".

New environments should be coming soon. After the core gameplay mechanics are all in the game, I plan to add a few proper "levels/zones".

The tutorials will be coming as well. Short ones, focused on very specific topics. Accessible at once. And with story getting into the game, some of the basic concepts will be introduced on the way.