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This was fantastic, your best project and it goes into top 20 on this entire site. It is like a videogame movie. It's not that much of a game. 

First and most notable thing about this, the graphics, artifacted artificial photos of real life things, fire, skulls in bright colors, all overlayed by designed to seem fishy but amazingly cute cartoon characters. 

The most notable main characters are the rabbits, naive, cute, always hoping in the worst possible case scenarios. All their purpose is coping, they cope, and hope, physically and technically unable to fix the situations, dying, but coping.

You get to play simple childish games like choose a number! Choose a meal! Draw something, talk with strangers. But everything turns out to be sad, the giant monster who got extremely sad for a worm just saying bad things about him is the best example.  You look through computer files and find these games, you see the story progress as the main character loses his legs, dies, and still somehow smiles. AI collecting personal data to take your organs away later? Oh everything happens, 


Apparently the player in this story, the real main character actually has problems like that himself, his family had problems because of the war. And a man named Igor (i don't remember how it was) is apparently trapped in your computer.

He and somebody else (megabyte was his name or something), write poems for you, and they ask you for feedback.

Aside from that, the music, graphics, voice acting, everything, absolutely everything in this game is done right. Character design, is perfect, i love it.

As you described, it is like a great fever dream, it is weird, not ARMAged0NNN! level of weird but its extremely weird.

Thank you for creating this game, i loved it if you didn't see already, i cried when i first played it, sincerely enjoyed this mess. I beat it two times and wasted good 14 hours on both of these playthroughs.

 I could say more, but this, this is a 10/10 and i have seen a lot of games on this website, a lot, still i don't get and don't understand this game.