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Game has a lot of potential. I really enjoyed playing through it except for some minor flaws.

One of the most frustrating things is that every day I go down to the jungle that bear runs roars and runs across the map every time to fight me. It became more of a inconvenience in the late game but in the early game it meant I had to book it back to the elevator so nobody got killed. Also that blasted thing knocked one of my colonists into the trees and they were never able to get out. RIP Martha.

Additionally I would like to add I dislike how enemies respawn in the same spot after that spot is left unattended for a while. I like to be able to clear out an area and travel between cleared areas with few if no enemy encounters. However this is just my personal opinion.

The watch towers are nice but they're almost worst than being on the ground for two reasons:

1. You can't use any weapon other than rifle.

2. You can't use special skills.

The only benefit of watchtowers is you are less likely to be swarmed by enemies, however that benefit is also taken away from when you have the spitting spiders.

Gathering is an absolute nightmare because of one simple thing, when something is collected it flies up into the air. This means if it doesn't conveniently land on a person I have to micromanage them to pick it up. I could pick them up afterwards, but then I risk not having enough inventory space and losing the item forever.

The AI is also unable to navigate around player built buildings. I put a healing hut in between two watch towers and no enemy could get by, they all just formed a huge clump of enemies.

That's the summary of my complaints, but now so you don't think I'm a cruel person trying to find every little bitty flaw in your game let me tell you what I thought was done nicely.

First off I love the idea behind this game of living on a floating island and taking an elevator to gather supplies from a jungle.

Juggling colonists and their loadouts and deciding which resources to prioritize is an absolute blast. I run into incidents like "hm the closest stone goes through a lot of enemies, I better bring everyone and have about 1-2 people with armor and a rifle." I also enjoy trying to think of the best combat ratios "1:1 melee:ranged or 3:1? maybe 1:3???" trying to figure this out gets even more complex with the addition of more weapons like the mortar.

Overall I really enjoyed this game but with some polishing it would really shine. Unfortunately is appears development has stopped so there will be polishing. I hope you use this as a learning experience and make an even better game next time, if it's anything like this I look forward to seeing it. Good luck!