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Really promising title, It still need a lot polish though. You guys nailed the settings of dark souls, mechanically and gameplay wise, it's really similar to dark souls. The Ascension thing is really interesting. The music sounds great.

But here are a few feedback from me: 

1. That Health bar and stamina bar needs to go. It doesn't look good in a dark souls game. Maybe make the bars thinner and sleeker.

2. The walking animation looks stiff, but it's still pretty good.

3. Goodluck to you guys, looking forward to the final product! :D

Hi! Thank you for the feedback and compliment!
We will try to get it done right with your feedback :D

Yes the animation will be fixed, it's really annoying we just haven't find the best setting for it. hope we can the best tune later.
The UI is still unfinished T.T
Btw thank you once again for the compliment xD