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Again been a long time since the last update. I've spent most of my time making art assets for things like big levels, which I posted some images of previously. There are quite a few of those for each of the biomes now, (now currently at 4 different biomes as opposed to 6). The Red Desert assets are all done now, as are the City Canyons. Just got to finish the levels for the Dry Seabed and the Salt Flats and then that'll be done. Also I've created a number of smaller features for the levels. Things like fences and broken bits of wall, impaled skeletons and that kind of thing.

I've added a couple of new enemies, the first being Hyenas that inhabit the City Canyons.

The Death worm who'll live in the sand in the Dry Seabed.

Armoured raider who are tougher, and don't get staggered on being shot.

Cannibal Cult members.

Salt flat Cannibals.

A ton of different gang bosses.

A few new shield variations.

A couple of new gun parts.

So I've pretty much spent the last 4 or 5 weeks making assets. There's still more to be made but soon I'll have the fun job of putting them all into the actual game, programming the new AI for the enemies and finishing the AI for the regular enemies.

This is taking a lot longer than I first intended it to, but isn't that always the way.

Thanks for checking out Red Desert as always! Check back soon-ish for more updates.