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but doesn't that mean whoever has an nvidia gpu will not be able to play your game? I also do not know how online multiplayer games are implemented to begin with, but it sounds like every time the game runs, someone is chosen to be host once everything works correctly rather than connecting to a dedicated server like other online multiplayer games. Is there any way to change the port number that this process uses or will you guys change something later that will allow online connectivity for variations of different pc users? Whats weird is that I thought I was already connecting to a server every time I start it up, hence the message in the corner that says "[username] is online" in yellow font. edit: I just looked up a little bit about this. It sounds like you guys are using a peer to peer network setup. For a smallish game, this would be perfect because that means there is no maintanence/rent cost for a server. As mentioned above, however, any process that hogs that port range will prevent this app from working.