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Wanted to leave some feedback.

I love ace combat 7 a lot, but this game does 2 things that really sink it in my mind as a superior game purely from a flight perspective. 

1. The ability to look around anywhere with the mouse and not be limited to looking straight behind you left, right, and up. This game handles so effortlessly and lining up behind an enemy to blast them with the cannon is so easy and fun. 

2. Being able to turn the hud off, and have visceral chases through the clouds where you only know if its an enemy or not by using the actual hard radar on your dash. This element really makes project wingman stand out in my mind. I love the deep satisfaction of chasing a bogey and actually seeing their airplane dodge and weave trying to shake you, instead of green boxes. I would just like to say that I wish there was some way you could display ground targets and priority targets in a more meaningful way with the hud off. I know you have the radar but its really hard to spot tiny ground targets with IFR, then verfiy if its a priority target or an ally. I just dont like having to switch between hud on and off to beat the ground missions. In my opinion hud off is a far superior PW experience but I feel like its missing just a few things to make it perfect. I cant say what would make it perfect, perhaps little green arrows above ground targets and an information readout on a screen on the dash board. 

A way to hard set more information into the actual equipment of the plane would be incredible, and make the plane feel real. Make the equipment inside useful, and not just lego stickers with dials and knobs. 

Anyways, I love this game to death, and I cannot wait for its release.