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 Look at page 4 on the left.

При ветре 7 баллов (до 15 м / с) корабли с прямым вооружением несли нижние паруса, брамсели, фор-стень-стаксель; брали два рифа у марселей.

Yikes. I wouldn't recommend flying topgallants in 36 kts of wind in the simulator.

Maybe it wasn't that bad over double-reefed topsail. That makes the t'gallant significantly lower, doesn't it?

Yes but the mast is still spindly, and it's a gale. 35 kts of wind is TWICE as much pressure as 25! I can only imagine they were saying 'look what I can do!' for the sake of the experiment.

Judging by the speed table it didn't help them much, but there is definitely something rakish in this.