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Howdy! Unfortunately Morpheus has had to take a back seat to work and theater these past couple of months 😢 I was planning on picking it back up this weekend but then fell ill.... So nothing to report at this time but allow me to fill you in on my plans for the rest of the year.

Thanksgiving and Winter holidays are approaching and these have traditionally been times where I've gotten a lot done with large periods of focus time and I am hopeful that this cycle will be no exception! I have the large performance and rendering refactor about 2/3rds complete and while there will be some amount of time needed to bring myself back up to speed I would like to iron out these issues to make the game fully playable and hopefully bug free.

A lot of this year was unfortunately burned on infrastructure migrations, but those have all been completed so that I can focus on fixing these last few issues. In addition I want to resolve the Safari bugs so that the game will run on iOS devices. In addition this year I was able to put the corporate structures in place so that Soap Bubble Productions, LLC exists again as a legal entity. I have created store accounts for Steam, Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. My plan is after this current refactor to be able to focus on creating presences there.

Morpheus will remain free to play on the web and but will have a very nominal one time cost (maybe $5?) for the other stores to offset the cost to bring games to those platforms.