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Here is the way to play this game on linux (at least it worked for my 64 bit pc)

1. Download the game

2. Extract and copy the path of the 'package.nw' file

3. Download NWJS from, to play the game, NORMAL version is enough.

4. Extract the NWJS file, get the path of 'nw' file

5. To run the game, just use 'nw' to open 'package.nw' file:

In terminal, run this command: path-to-nw/nw path-to-package/package.nw

In my case, it is:

/home/taijiwoo/nwjs-v0.42.1-linux-x64/nw /home/taijiwoo/App/linux64/package.nw

And it's done!! :D


It also runs fine if you run it through the app.