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Do you own Arma 3? We should probably let you play an early version of the mod, for the sake of mutual inspiration. If the team is OK with it, at least.

Oh, and do I ever empathize when you talk about 'hacky' physics. If you have been able to get this far without faking almost everything, you must be Einstein. My dad is a naval architect who also did amateur development for flight sims, and he says that a square rigger simulator is drastically more complicated than anything airborne and supersonic. In Nassau I had a beautiful system of forces for the sails on the sloop, but had to basically rip it apart to make the square rigger function properly. Crazy stuff like making square sails 80 times more efficient at making headway than sternway. Although a lot of that is due to the fact that we are completely reliant on proprietary hardcoded speedboat PhysX.

Anyways, I'm not here to promote my stuff. I'll probably be playing quite a bit of Painted Ocean and sharing my thoughts.