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can you make the prince get degraded in his own palace like a sex slave for slaves or animals . i would love it if the prince gets really humiliated in public places and whipped and thrashed and he woyuld try to control his tears but everyone was laughing . public sexual humiliation is a good niche topic to lead your story. i would love it if he was punished to be fucked by anyone and whipped by everyone and him being tied to a pillory . i think he has been punished in privacy of the forst for long enough , time to get him in the streets of his country and humiliate and degrade him like a sex slave and make him crawl naked in public or dance sluttty in public.

I think humiliation is a bit mild in this game too. maybe something in front of other people would be nice.

@bugsbi @ok boomer13 Yes, I'll make a slave end in palace