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Day 9 & 10 Log:

Thanks for the support and liking the concept so far. What really got me going was the support from the community aka you guys! :D

And now....Update!

In-game combat... so one sided the dragon never knew what hit it ;) (just kidding, its lacking feedback)

Gave the ship a proper make over with new furniture and toys to play with (Above the screenshot features one of the defensive measures of the ship, the shell gun)

  • 2 more facilities planned and on the way to finish up the ship.
  • Lies in the ship center is the ship's core, powered by a magic crystal. thinking of adding a game feature to the crew to allow more active management for the player.
  • Time for the team to get our hands dirty and sort out all the nitpicking details (enemy variants, what feedback to put in for now, levels...difficulty, UI) despite the time remaining for us.
  • Logo needs a reworking over :<

Final Notes: With 4 days left, I might help out with some technical aspects of things (adding sounds for example), though I'm pretty confident (and proud of ) with my teammates at this point :D!