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just buying the game if a fair warning, look at the pictures isnt that enough?


(spoilersz for anyone happening to scroll through the comments i guess)

the pictures don't give you any clue about how graphic the situation gets. the most they show you is some bugs around a microwave which isn't really any clue that anything's going to happen to the cat at all. a lot of people are ok with most horror (even the gory kind) but cant handle animal death. its just a particuarly touchy subject in things and the way it happens in this comes off as much more gory than the rest of the game. (i suppose one could argue that putting in a warning would negate the shock value but frankly i don't think the event needs the shock value that much it's quite disturbing on its own. a content warning doesn't have to be very specific anyways, just saying that there's animal death would suffice i think)

the only reason i knew ANYTHING was going to happen with dodgeball was because i read the comments section before i downloaded it and still it felt like it was a little much. thankfully i could tough it out cuz ive seen too much roadkill in my time to get upset enough to have 2 stop playing but for a lot of people just the thought of it can be too much for them even if they can handle other horror/gore...sorry i rambled a bit there. i hope you get my point though