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Fantastic looking game. The character close-ups are beautiful. I love the surreal nightmare-fuel aesthetics. The atmosphere and sounds are also great. It's a free game, well-made, and deserves attention.

As for constructive criticism: As others have stated, it does feel slow, which would be fine if the character had faster/more fluid/dynamic movements, it would balance the pace. But if you combine slow moving speed, with bland combat mechanics, with the neutral background tone, and with rather tedious obstacles, you will get a game that looks innovative but feels sluggish. It's why early 2D games on systems like Sega and Gameboy usually didn't combine all of those things into one game. They had a bright/colorful background and/or fast character and/or interactive environment and/or (most importantly) fun gameplay/combat mechanics. A lot can be forgiven if you enjoy moving the character or if you enjoy destroying obstacles in a side-scroll game.

To further exasperate the issue, the storyline isn’t quite captivating. More specifically, it seems too strange. While you have some leeway with making things a bit more nonsensical because it is a nightmare, if the game already feels sluggish and the player isn’t interested in the storyline, they may not find a reason to continue and push through the game.