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Hello! As Jadon said, we've been pretty busy since we just got back to college and so I haven't been able to draw much these past few days. Here's some things I've gotten done, though:

Day 5

As you can see in earlier screenshots, I made a simple text box for the game. As it's just a simple box, I don't really need to repost it, but I made a similar box for the inventory as well.

I've also made a talksprite for Zippy, Peanuts' friend from Earth who you will be able to talk to using the cat communicator.

(Do cats know how to use computers?)

Zippy, like Peanuts, is based on one of Jadon's cats. The real Zippy is very sweet, but also gets very grumpy. She likes to nap on blankets, sit on your lap, and groom herself.

I also made art for a title screen, which Jadon has been working on implementing into the game along with an inventory system. Here is a mock up for the art for it (which might not be final), pictured without the menu or Peanuts' animation:

That's all the art I've done in the past few days. Right now, I'm working on assets for a small town, which hopefully I'll be able to finish by tomorrow.

The only other things I've done are a few songs for the game, which I made about a week ago but forgot to post here. I know absolutely nothing about making music, really, but I just threw together a few things for fun.

(I don't actually know how to embed the audio player onto here, so here are the links)