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Hi! Thanks for the question and the kind words.

I'm definitely hoping that a miracle happens in the last 3 days of the Kickstarter campaign, and we manage to reach Jori and Sebastien's routes. If not, I'll be considering what to do after the end of the campaign. I'll likely be opening some late pledges (with more limited variety of tiers offered but possibility of pledging via PayPal -- if I can figure out how that works) on my website to see if that can bring the funding up a bit. I'll also consider other possibilities and suggestions I've received so far about how to make Jori and Sebastien happen. Though I can't say anything for certain right now, since I'll have to make my decisions based on how much is raised in total on Kickstarter, which I guess I'll find out in 3 days! 

Until then, fingers crossed that the last 3 days of the campaign goes well, and we somehow unlock Jori and/or Sebastien! 

Thank you so much for the support!