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Oh my, I've been trying to get all the routes and unlock all the photos in the gallery but I've only managed to complete the first 5 endings as well as one tagged '??'. The more I play BLACK, the more questions I have... In other words, I'm hooked! And have already filled 8 pages of save-slots, hehe

So I'll admit that I was freaking scared within the first few minutes. The atmosphere and stuff--- Really effective! Especially since I died in less that 5 minutes during my first 2 attempts. But I put my cowardice away and decided to really tackle this quest for a happy ending! Turns out, I'm actually loving it and can't be satiated until I manage to get all the endings and images! Right now, I lack the 6th and 7th endings, as well as the 1st, 4th, 6th, 8th and 11th photos. But I'll keep trying, in hopes of learning more about the plot!!!!

Thanks for creating such a fun game! I really enjoyed it! There's just one choice in the french version that's in English. The part where the MC insists to not eat and the creature asks why. Hope that's not a spoiler; just wanted to point it out in case... Otherwise, great job to you and the translators and whoever helped in the making!!! I hope more people get to enjoy this fun game!