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Fun little demo. Combat is fast-paced and the means to get health back is to keep fighting, which means there's rarely a lull in the action even when you get minced. Got a little tough when the baddies got more advanced, but I more than got my own back in the final level going super saiyan!

Would be keen to see this game developed further - get some more variety in the combat maybe with different weapons and spells (which I imagine is on the radar already...) so people with different play styles have a bit more to choose from.

From a demo standpoint though, this worked well and was fluid and fast to play. Visuals were fun, and some of the mechanics implemented were cool - catching magic spells and flinging them back!


Hey dppacey, concept artist on Denari here. Thanks so much for playing and getting back to us with how you feel, I really appreciate it and I know Shrikkanth will be stoked.

It's awesome to hear you made it through the Denari Empire onslaught too! Thanks again for playing!!!

Hey dppacey thanks so much for playing the demo! We're super stoked you took the time to play it and write up some thoughtful feedback too :D. Cheers!