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This game was fun to play but I found myself getting confused at the story and getting lost trying to find my way around.  That's probably due to my own stupidity haha.  New Message is based on the third episode of Season 3 of Black Mirror.  Basically, you get a man's phone and are told to do very despicable things.  Things get stranger and more brutal as you progress.  My only complaint would have to be some of the weird supernatural stuff in a game based on an otherwise very-grounded-in-reality episode.  The supernaturally weird stuff was interesting though.  If you want a game that reminds you of Black Mirror, I would give this game a try!

Also, I did a playthrough of the game on my YouTube channel! If you want, you can watch it by clicking the video below! The game starts at 7:29 if you want to skip to it.  

If you liked what you saw and want to see more, you can check out my YouTube channel by clicking the link below!