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Stand Name: Back In Black
Stand Type: Automatic

Power - E

Speed - A

Range - Inf

Durability - D

Precision - A

Potential - C


Description:  Much like Black Sabbath, Back in Black is a humanoid stand that wears a black robe that covers the neck to the feet.  For the head, Back in Black has gold buttons connect from the neck to the eyes. Back in Black also wears a black cowl. When Back In Black is called back to the user, Back In Black will turn into a crow and fly to the user.


Summoning: when summoned, Back in Black will circle around the user until commanded to hunt. Back in Black will search up to 100 of yards to find a target. The user may also set a target by giving that person a little black watch called "11 O' clock Tick Tock". 

Body control: Back in Black will use the body as either a ragdoll, a tool of war (if they have a stand), or as a slave. The farther away the user is from Back in Black, the shorter amount of time Back in Black gets to control someone. 

Black Kiss: The user will create a black smudge on a fingertip. This can be thrown as a rock, when on contact, the Black Kiss will stick to whoever it hits. When the target touches Black KIss, the black goo will spread faster. Once the entire body is covered, Back in Black will kill them without hesitation.


with the appearance description, i was expecting a really D A R K and E D G Y stand, but this is actually really unique and a cool concept, good job!