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Hello Soosh! I was referred to play this game by a friend, and enjoyed my time so much that I felt compelled to make an account to comment. 

Overall, I enjoyed Vividex quite a lot. As someone who does not usually play beat-em-ups or games with pastel palettes, I really really enjoyed this one. The combat was fluid and felt good, the music matched the aesthetic, and even the minimalist design of the areas (due to the game being in alpha or not) felt right. 

I spent most of my time playing as Vivi, which I didn't expect at first glance of the characters, as Dex fit more with my interests. I think I stuck with Vivi more as Dex felt a bit underpowered. I wanted to use Dex's handguns more, but i felt like the damage was underwhelming. Maybe this is because she's able to use them from range, therefore keeping herself safer than Vivi's in-your-face Bo Staff?

The pace of the game felt a bit more tilted in Vivi's favor, since quickness is often paired with melee. However, the dodge move felt and look amazing. the steam left behind really made it feel like you were moving faster than the eye could perceive, which was flashy and cool. The power-up sigils were a neat touch, and maybe hints that ViviDex's powers are something supernatural? :O

ALSO that cut-in during the special attack? I LOVED that. It was super cool. I love cut-ins.

The enemies, while not varied, were enough to keep me on my toes. I wasn't able to focus anyone down, as the slime enemies could get their attacks on you if you stood in one place and focused on a singular enemy. I think this is good, and keep combat from getting stale. 

However, due to not being able to focus on any one enemy, the lock-on mode felt a little awkward. it was a bit hard to tell who i was going to lock onto until about 3/4th of the through the demo. 

dually, the camera was hard to control for me. I kept wanting it to auto-follow behind my character, and when i corrected it with my mouse, it would often go outside the walls of the map, which made it impossible to see where i was and if i was in danger. 

I did have some very very slight performance issues in Area 4(?), the last area. Right as all the enemies spawned, and until i dispatched a few, I had lower frame rate than during the rest of the game, which was solid otherwise. 

Overall, a very fun demo, which I have posted in a few of my discord servers. hopefully I haven't forgotten anything in this little review. Thank you for all the hard work you've all been putting into this, and good luck with the rest of development! I'll keep my eye on this game, and maybe a kickstarter? who knows, only time will tell. 


Hello Ploppy! Your comments and feedback mean a lot to us, thank you so much for taking the time to play and review our first release. We don't currently have any plans for a Kickstarter but if that should change we will update everyone here! Sharing our demo helps out a lot and we hope you continue to visit us in the future.